village.jpgBuild A Kingdom

Our class will build a medieval kingdom. You'll find links to the kingdoms on the left.

Your Mission

Build a Character. First, you will describe a character in a particular occupation and write about a day in his or her life.
  • You must include both personal and professional characteristics. You can invent information about your character. However, it must be based on factual information about your character's occupation. For instance, Otto liked his job as tailor because he had the chance to work in the palace and make clothing for the royal family.
  • You must provide at least two visuals associated with this character. For instance, you might draw a portrait of your character and also include a painting from the middle ages that depicts your occupation.
  • You must link to at least four other characters in your kingdom. For instance, the baker might link to the farmer that provides the grain for this flour. The farmer might link to the King who owns his land.
  • You must cite at least three sources used to learn about the occupation.
When you're ready to write about your character, go to your kingdom and find your character.

Visit a Kingdom. Make a virtual visit to another kingdom (class) and comment on one of the characters using the DISCUSSION tab. You might provide a suggested character link, piece of background information, or other ideas.

Extension. If you have time, create additional pages for the settings, objects, or activities. It could also be connected to the English class for a short story writing assignment.

For the Teacher

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